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Sudan hosts the meetings of the 50th Executive Council of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development

Sudan hosts the meetings of the Ordinary 50th Executive Council of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) at the invitation of the Sudanese Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources H.E Eng. Issa Othman Al-Sharif, in Khartoum, Sudan on the 5th of December 2019.

The Director General of AOAD H.E Prof. Ibrahim Adam El Dukheri, said that the Council will discuss a number of items, including the report of the Director-General on the activities of AOAD General Administration for the period between the 49th and 50th sessions of the Council, following up the progress of the implementation of the Arab Sustainable Agricultural Development Strategy for the Decades (2005-2025) and aligning it with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, the approval of the Executive Plan of the Arab Strategy for Aquaculture (2017-2037), AOAD’s efforts in the field of biodiversity, the outcomes of the Joint Ministerial Meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture and the Ministers of Water, the National Program for the Control of Transboundary Plant Diseases and Pests, in addition to many technical and financial topics.

It is worth mentioning that the meetings of AOAD Executive Council will be attended by their Excellencies the Ministers of Agriculture from 8 Arab countries, which are; the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Palestine, Lebanon and Morocco. The meeting will also be attended by H.E Minister Plenipotentiary Mohamed Khair - Director of organizations and unions of the League of Arab States.



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