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The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) launches two national training courses at its H.Q in Khartoum, Sudan, one on SPSS and the other on Good agricultural Practices (GAP)for Mango.


Within the framework of its Arab Program for Agricultural and Fisheries Training (APAFT), the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) launched, on Sunday 27/4/2014, at its H.Q. in Khartoum, Sudan, two national training courses, one on "Good Agricultural Practices for Mango, 27-28/4/2014" and the other on " The Use of SPSS in the Analysis of Agricultural Statistics, 27/4- 1/5/2014". The two training courses were attended by (42) trainees from a number of Sudanese States. The training course on SPSS was tailored to promote the statistical and academic capabilities of the Arab technicians in the areas of data description and data analysis using advanced statistical approaches. The training program comprises a number of topics including

: - Designing of statistical questionnaires and their coding techniques, with practical examples.

- Analysis of regression and correlation (simple and multiple) - Analysis of variance (one and two ways) .

 - Analysis of variance (Factorial).

 - Completely randomized block design with practical examples.

 The training course on GAP in mango, on the other hand, was designed to promote the capabilities of the trainees in the area of mango production under the local environment in the producing Sudanese states. It aimed at

: - Introducing the participants to the GAP.

 - State-State linkage in the exchange and transfer of expertise.

 - Institutional linkage with AOAD to make use of its expertise and potentials.

 The course program covered, among other topics:

 - Mangos in Sudan: varieties, description and environmental requirements.

 - Agricultural operations.

- Post planting operations.

- Major mango diseases.

 - Main mango pests.

- Most important physiological phenomena.

 - Mango problems.

- Picking , packing and storing of mango.

 - Towards a national strategy for mango development.

 - Prospects of Investment in mango.






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