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AOAD organizes a National Training Course on the " Description, propagation and preservation of plant genetic recourses in the gene banks and the different conservational approaches", Doha, Qatar: 20-24/04/2014.

Within the Arab Program on Agricultural and Fisheries Training, the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) organized, in collaboration with the ministry of environment in the State of Qatar, a national training course on " Description, Propagation and Preservation of Plant Genetic Recourses in the Gene Banks and the Different Conservational Approaches", Doha: 20-24/04/2014.

 The training course was designed to build the capacities of the Qatari national gene bank staff in the areas of preservation and management of plant genetic resources and to train them on how to draw strategies and programs for the conservation of Arab plant genetic resources in order to protect and preserve the Arab intellectual property rights and the sharing of benefits under the relevant international agreements, in addition to the documentation and conservation of genetic resources to achieve sustainable agricultural development.

The training course was attended by (22) trainees involved in the conservation of plant genetic recourses at the Ministry of Environment, Qatar. The training program comprised lectures on the diversity of plant genetic resources, sustainable policies for plant genetic recourses, plans for the conservation of plant genetic recourses, prioritization, programs for the conservation of plant genetic recourses, plant genetic variation, delivery and registration of seed samples in the gene banks, handling techniques of seed samples in the gene banks for purposes of cleaning, drying, packing and follow-up of viability, plant propagation methods, designing plans for the conservation of genetic resources, identifying conservational priorities.






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