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Training Course on the "Use of Statistical Packages for Estimating Food and Agriculture Animal Genetics"

The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) launched on the 24th till the 28th of December 2017, a training course on the "Use of Statistical Packages for Estimating Food and Agriculture Animal Genetics". The participants were 15 trainees working in the field of animal production and genetic improvement at the Ministry of Animal Resources in Sudan.

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Wali Samawi the Assistant Director General of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD), said that there is an urgent need to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of researchers at the research stations and animal production units. In addition to the veterinary personnel in the field of statistical standards and analysis of statistical data using the most common and used statistical packages.

The program aimed at introducing the participants to some statistical package applications such as Minitab and SAS. Moreover, how to enter, edit, save, tabulate and arrange the data. In addition it introduces the participants on how to analyze statistical data and present it graphically. As well as understanding and analyzing statistical outputs

It is worth mentioning that the AOAD organizes several training courses that supports the Arab cadres through training, in order to raise the efficiency in the fields of animal production. Which is the problem of some Arab countries that lack trained cadres in the field of statistics, genetics and animal husbandry.




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