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AOAD Stressed Sudan's Ability to Achieve the Arab Food Security Initiative

During the 30th FAO Regional Conference for Africa, held in Khartoum, H.E Prof. Ibrahim Adam El Dukhiri the Director General of AOAD had a sideline joint meeting with officials. The meeting included H.E Dr Abd Al Munim Al Bana the Egyptian Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, H.E Mr Bushara Jumaa Aror the Sudanese Minister of Animal Resources and H.E Mr Yassin Omar the Sudanese Minister of Animal Resources in the State of the River Nile.

In the meeting H.E Prof. El Dukhiri stressed the ability of Sudan in achieving the Arab Food Security Initiative. He attributed this to the various resources Sudan has in the agricultural field (plant and animal). He added that AOAD is working hard to play an effective role in the Arab Food Security Initiative.

The meeting discussed the mechanisms of implementing a joint project for developing the livestock by exploiting the resources available in Egypt and Sudan in fattening the calves. As well as expanding the milk production industry. In addition to Red Meat reduction. Along with that, the private sectors can participate under the umbrella of the two governments and AOAD.

 At the end of the meeting the Ministers praised the role of AOAD in achieving sustainable agricultural development and Arab food security in the Arab region. Pointing to the efforts of AOAD in Egypt to support small farmers and implement projects that increase the income of rural women in Egypt.



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