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The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development Director General met Kuwaiti Officials

The Director General of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) H.E Prof Ibrahim Adam El Dukheri, met with Kuwaiti officials during his visit to Kuwait from the 25th to the 29th of April 2019. He visited the headquarters of the Environment Public Authority on Monday, 29 April 2019. Prof El Dukheri held a working session with H.E Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sabah, the Director General of the Environment Public Authority, during which it has been reviewed the possible aspects of cooperation between AOAD and the Authority in view of the inauguration of the Regional Office of AOAD in the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula.

Some joint projects were discussed and developed in the field of dealing with the phenomenon of dust storms and wastewater treatment. As well as the follow-up of the implementation of international environmental conventions, focusing on the conference of the fourteenth parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, that will take place in India during the coming September 2019.

 H.E Prof El Dukheri then met with the Authority technical staff, and presented a presentation on the achievements of AOAD in the field of environment during the period 2017-2019, as well as the activities programmed for implementation in the coming months.

 The Authority presented a presentation on the Environmental Information Portal in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which is supervised by the Environment Public Authority of Kuwait. While AOAD gave presentation on the outline of the Arab Portal for Desertification Information to be established in coordination with AOAD and Kuwait in accordance with the model of the electronic environment portal of the GCC countries.

 H.E Prof El Dukheri concluded his visit to Kuwait by holding a working session with H.E Sheikh Mohammed Yousuf Saud Al-Sabah, Director-General of the Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources. The meeting discussed the latest preparations for the official opening of the Regional Office of AOAD in the Gulf region and the Arabian Peninsula in Kuwait, as well as the next meeting of the International Council of Dates scheduled in Saudi Arabia on 16 May 2019. The invitation was given by AOAD and the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.




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