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First Jordanian International Agricultural Forum

On Wednesday, April 25, 2018, the Director General of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD), H.E Prof Ibrahim El-Dukhiri, headed a delegation of AOAD at the opening of the first Jordanian International Agricultural Forum organized by the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture. Participants where representatives from 65 countries and organizations specialized in food security. H.E Al Hassan Bin Talal inaugurated the forum in the Dead Sea, Jordan.

 The forum aims at providing bridges of technology and modern biotechnology for the local agricultural sector to the world and opening the doors of investment in Jordan achieving partnerships and agreements that positively affect the agricultural sector.

 During the opening session, H.E Prof Ibrahim El-Dukhiri addressed the audience, pointing out that AOAD is dealing with the issue of Arab food security from a renewed and developed perspective, taking into account contemporary changes at the regional and international levels. The issue of food security is one of the most important issues that receive increasing attention at the Arab and international levels. This global interest has been reflected in many conferences, announcements and events.

At the level of the Arab region, this interest has been translated into several practical programs, including the Arab Sustainable Agricultural Development Strategy for the Decade (2005-2025), the Arab Strategy for Aquaculture, the Arab Food Security Emergency Program and its Framework Plans (2011-2016) 2021). National emergency strategies and programs are integrated with the emergency program.

He added that during the period (1972-2017), AOAD, published and distributed more than (798) national studies covering all sectors, and dealt with all topics related to the achievement of sustainable agricultural development and Arab food security. In the area of skills development and capacity-building, it carried out about 1,182 national training courses and implemented some 251 national training courses.

This is in addition to the 973 projects carried out by AOAD, 246 national projects, and 22 projects financed jointly by AOAD, the Arab countries and the Arab regional and international development institutions.

In the area of technical consultations and aid, AOAD provided about 380 technical and scientific consultations and about 450 technical assistance. It also prepared technical and financial feasibility studies for (148) agricultural projects for Arab and African countries, and implemented more than (53) specialized training courses for Arab and African cadres.

AOAD is keen to assist the Arab countries in implementing the components of the emergency program for Arab food security in Jordan within the framework of (8) projects to improve productivity in existing crops. It also implemented 16 projects to rationalize the use of irrigation water and non-conventional water sources, and to dig wells in critical and agricultural areas for water collection. This is in addition to the implementation of water harvesting projects, food security for poverty reduction, animal production projects, plant protection, post-harvest technology, desertification control and dam construction.

AOAD held several national courses for Jordanian technical cadres in the area of capacity building and food security enhancement. For example the training courses where on; aquaculture, rangeland management and protected areas, food security analysis, Livestock, transboundary diseases, and processing of feed.

 H.E Prof El-Dukhiri added that AOAD is currently seeking to strengthen its partnerships with all agriculture development and food security partners at the regional and international levels.



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