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Conference of African Entomology Experts

 23-25 / 10/2017

H.E Prof. Ibrahim Adam Ahmed El-Dukhiri, Director-General of AOAD, participated in the 22nd Scientific Conference organized by the African Association of Insect Scientists (AAIS) in collaboration with the Agricultural Research Authority of Sudan and Al-Jazeera University, under the theme "Towards securing human welfare through management of insect diversity in a changing world".

H.E Prof. El-Dukhiri addressed the opening ceremony of the conference, hoping that the delegates will have fruitful discussions and effective recommendations that would push forward developments in the field of pests that threaten plants and animals. This will contribute to sustainable agricultural development in Sudan and Africa in general.

 The opening ceremony of the conference was attended by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Sudan, the Head of the African Entomology Experts, the Ministers of Education and Agriculture of the Gazeira State . It was also attended by a group of African and Sudanese experts and scientists who presented research papers at this important conference.

The conference tackled various topics, such as the biology and environments of insects, invadiny insects, knowledge gained in benefitting from insects and their control, regional policies for controlling pests in light of climate change and capacity building in Entomology on regional and national levels in integrated control of pests.






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