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The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development Director General honors the Mauritanian Minister of Rural Development

The Director-General of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) H.E Prof. Ibrahim Adam El Dukheri, honored on Wednesday, 31 July 2019, Her Excellency Mrs. Minta El-Kartoub Ould Amam, Minister of Rural Development in Mauritania, for her efforts in the recent years to promote the agricultural sector in Mauritania and as the first woman to lead the Executive Council of AOAD during the period 2014-2016.

The ceremony was attended by the Ministers of Water, Environment and Sustainable Development, Fisheries and Food Security Commissioner, members of the Arab diplomatic bodies accredited in Nouakchott, representatives of some international organizations and members of the Mauritanian Parliament, as well as a wide range of official figures, farmers' associations and unions and the technical and administrative staff of the Ministry of Rural Development.

H.E Prof. El Dukheri inaugurated the ceremony with a speech congratulating the Mauritanian people on the great success achieved by the electoral process in the country recently. He also mentioned some important achievements in the Mauritanian agricultural sector which were supervised by H.E Mrs. Lameena Minta El Qutb Ould Amam. H.E Prof El Dukheri also presented the cooperation between AOAD and Mauritania.

On the other side, H.E Mrs. Lameena mentioned some important achievements in the agricultural sector in Mauritania during the last decade and H.E Prof El Dukheri on the honoring.

H.E Prof El Dukheri presented to H.E Mrs. Lameena a shield honoring her for her great efforts and devotion to the agricultural sector in Mauritania.





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