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The Director General of the AOAD

met the United Nations Officials

On the 6th of December 2017, The Director General of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) H.E Prof Ibrahim Adam El Dukhiri held a working session with the UN Environment Executive Director and Under-Secretary –General of the United Nations , H.E Mr. Erik Solheim. The talks centered around establishing cooperation between the program and the AOAD.

 H.E Mr. Erik Solheim stressed the issues of environment are correlated with food security issues. He added that the signed agreement between the AOAD and the program will be translated in the near future into specific activities that support the aims of both sides which are closely related.

H.E Prof El Dukhiri mentioned that the environmental programs are occupying an important niche in the AOAD activities. He added, that the AOAD leadership is aware that addressing the major environmental issues is a prerequisite for achieving food security.

H.E Prof El Dukhiri expressed his optimism about the new prospects that will open up as a result of signing this agreement in achieving the common goals. In the end, H.E Prof El Dukhiri and H.E Mr. Erik Solheim signed a protocol of cooperation that will govern cooperation and integration between the AOAD and the program during the next phase.

 H.E Prof El Dukhiri also met with Ms Patricia Espinosa of Mexico as Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

H.E Prof El Dukhiri pointed out that the issue of climate change is central among the concerns of the AOAD. He added that the AOAD is in the process of developing an Arab program for major environmental concerns. This will include a component of climate change aiming at contributing to the implementation of the Arab strategy, to deal with the climate change. Moreover it aims to strengthen the capacities of Arab negotiators to play an active role in negotiations leading to the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Ms Patricia Espinosa expressed her happiness at this meeting and her admiration for what she heard from H.E Prof El Dukhiri of the interest in the issues of climate change, adding that the World Climate Commissions are now at a critical stage that needs the concerted efforts of all.





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